April 30, 2024


Poultry production is determined by feed,if your looking at it as a business. Poultry feeds takes up about 80% of the production costs in the production farming and there fore if you want to maximize your returns the advice you can get is make your own feeds.

when you make your own feeds the feed will be quality and it will be cheaper to make. There are so many companies in the world that manufacture feeds for sale, but you find that the cost of feed increasing and the volume of the weight of the feeds keep reducing.

For example; abag of feeds which weighs 70kg initially will cost you 20 dollars but the weight of the feed has been reduced from 70kg to about 50kg and the price of that same feed has been raised to about 35 dollars.

So as a farmer or any other person out in Uganda or Africa and the rest of the world you need to know the importance of making your own feeds. anything to do with poultry Agri business think of only how to formulate your own feeds,in that case you will be able to save almost 60% on your cost of feeds.

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